“Hannah epitomizes the angst and drama of being twenty-something; when your world revolved around him and your newest pair of shoes.” – Singular Magazine

“A page-turning and relatable journey about the modern search for love.” – BadOnlineDates

“Hannah is the anti-heroine of our generation. A beacon and a storm.” – A.V. Flox,  Blogher

“Refreshing, bold, straight-up…no chaser.” – Obvious Magazine

“So many twists and turns, I was constantly on the edge of my seat!” –  That’s What She Said Books

“This isn’t your standard ‘girl meets boy-girl falls in love-happily ever after’ story. The SL&H books cut through the bullshit and let you in on the real way relationships work.” – LAInspiration

“An honest, sensitive, and intelligent investigation of the human heart.” – Writer’s Digest

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